ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety Management System Template

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OH&S Manual

  • All the Documents & Tools you need to achieve certification
  • Proven to Work by industry leaders since 2002
  • Not just an OH&S Manual - includes: Safety Policy Template; including Context of our organization, Leadership & Worker Participation, Planning, Support, Operation, Performance Evaluation, Improvement
  • 90 Document Templates
  • Project Plan & 18-Step Implementation Checklist
  • Gap Analysis Checklist, Action Plan
  • 19 Procedures
  • 27 Process Maps, Turtle Diagrams
  • 85 Reports & Forms
  • Internal Audit Checklist
  • Internal Audit, Non-Conforming & Corrective Action Tracker
  • Designed for all users, from the novices to experts, we explain everything, step-by-step, clause-by-clause 
  • NEW! Updated March 2024 to include new climate change requirements

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OH&S Template
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OH&S Template with Tools
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  • Written in International English
  • Fully-editable MS Word or Excel files
  • All documents use styles

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Successfully Audited and Certified

Implemented by organizations around the world, our practical templates have been successfully audited and certified by Registrars and Certification Bodies, for example: UKAS, DNV, Lloyds Register, BSI, DNV, BM Trada, LRQA as well as hundreds of independent external auditors.


Occupational Health and Safety Management System Templates - What's Included?

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Five Reasons To Choose Our Templates

  1. Our customizable templates save you time and money by offering a streamlined process to create your documentation
  2. They’ve got everything your company needs to implement in one simple set of templates
  3. Our templates have helped thousands of businesses big and small achieve certification
  4. Documents use styles to make reformatting and rebranding a breeze
  5. Our templates are generalizable for any industry or sector. The application of our templates is scalable and generic; regardless of the size and type of organization.


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More Than Just Templates, Complete Guides As Well

Our OH&S documentation toolkit contains everything you need to create your own company OH&S manual and get the certification you desire. However, to take it one step further, we also offer clause-by-clause interpretation (see sample) and guidance on Documented Information, Audits, Management Review and Policy and Environmental objectives; so you can see exactly what you need to do to achieve compliance.

As well as a detailed Project Plan and 18 Step Implementation Checklist — so you can see exactly what you need to do and when to achieve compliance.

ISO 9001 Project Plan Sample

The project plan and step-by-step guidance take all the guesswork out of completing ISO 45001.


Benefits of Getting ISO 45001 Certification

It may seem that the task is daunting, however, data has shown that companies have greatly benefited from getting ISO certified.

Customer Satisfaction

To satisfy a customer’s needs, the company must first identify their market and its needs. By having insight regarding the needs of their market, companies are able to continuously deliver products and services that fulfill the needs of their customers.

Integration Of Internal Policies And Procedures

Collating all Environmental Managements System (OH&S) documents and having them certified as ISO compliant helps to streamline the company’s internal processes and procedures. It also helps to interface with other external ISO certified companies.

Improved Company Image And Reputation

Getting or even attempting to get ISO 45001 certification is no easy feat. As mentioned earlier, having this certification puts a company in the ranks of other companies from around the world that follow the same quality standards.

Company Culture That Is Aimed Towards Continuous Improvement

Businesses that comply with ISO 45001 have procedures that strive to improve products and services; it also aims to promote the professional development of its employees and the company culture.

Opportunities For Partnerships & New Contracts

Because getting ISO-certified impels that you meet international standards of practice, there are many companies that make ISO certification a requirement to become an accredited partner or supplier of their organization.

Without ISO 45001 often you would not even be able to bid for a contract.


Benefits of Using a Toolkit For Your OH&S

Quality Manual Templates are widely available for any and every business that may want a helping hand in getting their system up and running. You may feel that templates are not for you and will not fit your organization — but your really should consider them, they bring plenty of benefits.

Sets Out Scope of Project

Sets expectations of documentation for both Top Management and scope of work for the Project Manager and employees. Top Management will be expected to provide the resources necessary to cover any processes within their departments, as well as planning and assigning responsibilities for ISO certification.

Faster Start

In the beginning, there is a lot of time and attention required in learning all that goes into a EMS. Generally, it takes more than one person to research and figure out what is required of your business and how to get everything started. Using a template gives you a fantastic starting point, allowing you to jump right into the process rather than spending time worrying about how to go about it.

Pick and Choose

When it comes to implementing ISO, there are requirements which apply to your business and some which do not. Having a template that already spells out the requirements for you will make it that much easier to take away the ones that don't apply.

Save Time

Documenting your OH&S can be a long process that requires a lot of time from any business. Smaller businesses don't always have a lot of extra time as they have fewer employees to dedicate solely to the implementation process. Using templates can jump-start the process and save you a lot of time in putting everything together on your own.


Using templates to set up a management system can save you time but also money. Using fewer hours at the start is a great way to cut costs.

On top of that, you won't have to hire an outside consultant to make sure you are doing everything correctly. Figuring out your OH&S in-house is a cheaper option, and a template makes that process faster and easier to get through.

Lower Work Load

Not every business may have the same resources and kind of manpower that a large scale company boasts. Every employee is crucial to the success of the business and has their own part of everything to focus on. When you use a quality manual template, it takes away some of the load that might be placed on your employees. By already having a framework in place, there is less work for everyone to do.

Steady Foundation

In the beginning, implementing a OH&S can feel like too big of a change to wrap your mind around. This is a big concern for businesses that don't want to rock the boat too hard and risk it capsizing.

Using a template gives you a solid foundation to start building that change on. You don't have to worry so much that everything will topple over when you know what you are building on is already proven to work.


For any business, consistency is key. A template helps to prevent anything from getting out of line by giving you a foundation for everything within your system.

Having this foundation means that no matter who is involved in the management system will follow the same approach. You don't have to worry about everyone doing things their own way when they have a guide to follow.

Although it seems complicated to create the documentation at first, it is quite straightforward to do with the right template in hand.


Used by Thousands of Companies Worldwide

Written in International English, bought by small businesses, big brands and individuals, our templates have been sold online and CD since 2002.

Used by:

The Templates are used by first-timers following our step-by-step, clause-by-clause guidance documents; and experienced Quality Managers wishing to streamline and improve their existing documentation.


Everything You Need To Achieve ISO 45001 Certification

ISO 45001 OH&S Stamp

Whether this is your very first OH&S implementation, or you are transitioning from an earlier version; our fully-editable, comprehensive OH&S manual template contains the documented procedures, forms, reports, process maps, internal audit checklists, and more that you need to achieve certification.

Simply put, this is the only tool you need for all things ISO 45001.

Some companies don’t mind shelling out thousands of dollars to consultants to conduct their reviews for them. Others, like your company, want to bootstrap the experience as much as possible. But all too often, saving money by staying in-house ends up costing much more time.

Sure, you could spend hours scouring the web to piecemeal together everything you need for your OH&S implementation project.

Or worse, you could try to create it all from scratch.

But what if instead, you decided to work smarter not harder by using the same all-inclusive quality manual template that small businesses and large corporations have been using since 2004 to get the job done right.

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