9.3 Management Review (ISO 9001:2015)

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We have been helping small businesses and large corporations achieve ISO9001:2015 certification with two choice products:

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Control of Management Reviews Procedure

The purpose of our Control of Management Reviews Procedure (view sample) is to define your organization’s process for undertaking management reviews in order to assess the effectiveness of the application of our quality management system and its compliance to ISO 9001:2015.

This procedure also defines the responsibilities for planning, conducting, reporting results and retaining associated records. It includes these professional implementation materials to streamline and direct your process:

  1. Process Activity Map
  2. Meeting Minutes
  3. Process Map


Control of Management Reviews Procedure PLUS Template

This package includes the entire procedure detailed above as well as everything you need to plan and implement management reviews successfully:

  1. Management Review Implementation Checklist
  2. Management Review guidance, including Planning & Frequency, Input Requirements, Output Requirements
  3. Management Review Agenda
  4. Management Review Minutes Form - view sample


ISO 9001:2015 ISO 9001:2008 Summary of Changes
9.3 Management review 5.6 Management review Title only


9.3.1 General

The management review process requires Top management to periodically review the QMS to ensure its continuing suitability, adequacy, effectiveness and alignment with the strategic direction of
the organization.

Why undertake management reviews?

  1. Determine and evaluate QMS performance
  2. Determine the need for change and improvement
  3. Determine the suitability of the policies and the objectives

The purpose and final outcome of the management review should be continual improvement of the QMS. As your organization’s QMS increases in its effectiveness and efficiency, your performance will likewise increase.

Management review


When should we schedule a management review?

The frequency or intervals of reviews must be defined in the QMS.

Aim to do a management review at least once a year or more often if appropriate. Little and often is best; there is nothing to say that you have to go through the full agenda each time, nor is there any need to duplicate effort if you cover certain aspects as part of other management meetings.


What should be reviewed?

Internal and external issues should be discussed - and their potential effect on the strategic direction of the organization.


  1. Minutes from previous management reviews
  2. The policies, objectives and targets
  3. Results of QMS and process audits
  4. The extent to which objectives and the numeric targets were met
  5. Assessment of risk management actions


  1. New or proposed legislation or regulations
  2. External providers and suppliers performance
  3. Changing expectations/requirements of relevant interested parties
  4. New or modified activities, products, or services
  5. Advances in technology and science
  6. Changing market preferences of buyers

9.3.2 Management Review Inputs (Agenda)

The management review process must ensure that the necessary information is collected ahead of time to allow management to effectively perform the review.

The management review process should focus on the following inputs:

  1. Risks and opportunities (Clause 6.1)
  2. Possible changes that might affect the system (Clause 6.3)
  3. External provider and suppliers performance (Clause 8.4)
  4. Customer satisfaction and perception (Clause 9.1.2)
  5. Audit results (Clause 9.2)
  6. Non-conformity and corrective actions (Clause 10.2)

9.3.3 Management Review Outputs (Minutes/Actions)

All management reviews must be documented. Observations, conclusions, and recommendations for further necessary action from the review must be recorded. If any corrective action must be taken, Top management should follow up to ensure that the action was effectively implemented.

Auditors should expect to evidence the same outputs from management reviews as ISO 9001:2008 Clause 5.6.3, however, they should note that the results of management reviews can now be held in any format that the organization chooses.

Typical outputs might include:

  1. Process improvement actions
  2. QMS improvement actions
  3. Product improvement actions
  4. Resource provision actions
  5. Revised business plans and budgets
  6. Changes to quality objectives and policies
  7. Management meeting minutes

Management review meeting minutes should be retained as documented information.

How's best to document management reviews?

It is not a mandatory requirement to document the management review procedure for achieving ISO 9001:2015 certification, however, if the management review process is vital in achieving product quality; you may find a documented procedure useful.

Develop and implement a management review procedure that defines:

  • Management review responsibilities
  • Management review scheduling
  • Management review inputs
  • Management review outputs

management review procedure

Measuring management review effectiveness

The management review process can be measured by assessing the effectiveness of key decisions/outputs; e.g. budgetary changes, forecasts, revised resources plans or changes to the quality policy or objectives.

Management review outputs are intended to improve your business; auditors will look for evidence that this is being achieved.


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Control of Management Reviews Procedure

  1. Procedure - view sample
  2. Process Activity Map
  3. Meeting Minutes
  4. Process Map
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Control of Management Reviews Procedure PLUS Template

  1. Everything in first package, PLUS…
  2. Implementation Checklist
  3. Guidance, including Planning & Frequency, Input Requirements, Output Requirements
  4. Agenda
  5. Minutes Form - view sample

Everything you need to prepare for, manage and document your Management Reviews without missing a single input or output.

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