6.2 Human resources

6.2.1 General

ISO 9001:2008 requires that personnel performing work affecting product quality must be competent, based on their education, training, skills and previous experience.

Competent = a demonstrated ability to apply knowledge and skills

Developing human resources is one of the keys to organisational success. This section should demonstrate the level of planning required to develop human resources.

Human resources

6.2.2 Competence, training and awareness

  • Decide the necessary skills and competences
  • Provide training
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the training
  • Maintain records of education, training, skills and experience
  • Ensure personnel are aware of:

Define competency requirements by:

  • Actively identifying training requirements
  • Actively delivering training
  • Actively monitoring the effectiveness of training

Training should never be performed as a knee-jerk reaction with no real objectives, but instead, it should be geared toward empowering each employee with the skills and knowledge they need to move the organisation forward and enhance customer satisfaction.

Staff should be trained to improve their skills and overall performance. Comparing existing performance to post-training performance is a simple way of assessing the effectiveness of training.

Consider making provision for the following audit questions:

  • What training is given to new employees?
  • How is training evaluated?
  • What steps are taken when training is deemed ineffective?
  • What types training records are maintained?

Should I document our competence, training and awareness?

It is not a mandatory requirement to document your competence, training and awareness process, but since the competency of your staff is vital to achieving product and service conformance, you should always look to define and control this process. The implementation of a competence, training and awareness procedure should be a priority of all businesses.

How's best to document competence, training and awareness?

Develop and implement a procedure that defines:

  • The responsibilities for coordinating training activities
  • How training needs are determined
  • How training is delivered
  • How training is evaluated
  • What records are maintained

Looking for help documenting the procedure?

We provide a template for the operational procedure '6.2 Training and Awareness' to help you document this process in many of our ISO Templates.

documenting the processes

Measuring competence, training and awareness effectiveness

The effectiveness of the competence, awareness and training process is verified by looking for evidence of an appropriate monitoring program that ensures the continuing development of staff and their ability to deliver.

Ongoing changes in competency requirements, due customer requirements, will often demonstrate the organisation’s ability to proactively manage this process.