Downloading and Delivery

  • What is the buying process?
    1. Make payment
    2. Download the files
    3. You will be sent 2 emails. The first contains a link to the download files. The second is a sales receipt.
  • What about security?

    100% secure

    100% Secure

    Safety is our #1 priority. We guarantee our website and payment processing is 100% secure.

    You can use the VeriSign Identity Protection (VIP) Network which offers an extra layer of security when you log in to PayPal with your PayPal Security Key. Learn about PayPal's buyer protection.

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  • How do I download the product?

    1. After payment you will be taken to the download page.

    2. You will be emailed download instructions.

  • Can I download the product immediately and start using it?


  • Do I need to sign-in to download?


  • Do you deliver the product by CD, DVD or USB?

    No. We stopped delivering our products physically by mail in 2008.

  • Do you send me an email with the download?


  • How do I download the product if I pay by bank transfer or BACS?

    You will be sent an email. For more information please click here.

  • How big is the download?

    The largest download we sell is 3.5MB. Different products vary.