8.5.3 Preventive action

Your preventive action procedure must explain how you:

  • Review potential problems
  • Decide the potential cause of the problem
  • Decide an appropriate course of action to stop the problem occurring
  • Put the plan into action
  • Ensure that the preventive action has solved the potential problem

Preventive action is a pro-active procedure i.e. dealing with the problem BEFORE it happens.

The preventive action procedure may include

  • Analysing data (8.4) and setting objectives (5.4.1)
  • Clarifying customer requirements  (8.3 and 7.3)
  • Applying a proven corrective action (8.5.2) to other areas of the business
  • Being aware of changes (5.6)
  • Disaster recovery plan – what will you do if your building burns down, you lose a major customer, a raw material is no longer available, etc.?

8.5.3 Preventative Action

Preventive action should be considered as a proactive undertaking. For example, if we anticipate a potential problem and take action to eliminate the causes and prevent the occurrence of that problem, this is considered to be preventive action.

To understand what an auditor will look for, see the Auditing Preventive Action paper on ISO 9000 Auditing Practices Groups' website.

Our Quality Manual Template includes the preventive action procedure already documented for you.

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