8.3 Control of non-conformance

Your non-conformance procedure must address how you deal with problems:

  • Actions to stop the use of reject or suspect items
  • How your concession system works
  • Actions to correct the problem
  • How an item is checked following rework
  • How you will do a product recall or retro-fit

Our Quality Manual Template includes the non-conformance procedure already documented for you.

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8.3 Control of Non-conforming Products

No matter how you resolve the non-conformance, you must keep records of each non-conformance and how you resolved it. Records of product non-conformity should be periodically reviewed to determine if a chronic problem exists with the production process. ISO 9001:2008, it is about continuous improvement.

By keeping records of your non-conformities it is easier to spot negative trends and examine the root cause, and eliminate the cause of your problems. This, in turn, should result in fewer defective products and more satisfied customers.

Few other processes require as rigid adherence to procedures as controlling non-conforming products. There can be no room for deviation.

Controlling non-conformances applies to services just as much as it does to tangible goods. Reports, data, test results and intellectual property, to name just a few service outputs, can all be potentially non-conforming, in which case all the disciplines of this process apply.

Need help with Control of non-conformance?

Control of non-conformance is documented and explained in our Quality Manual Template and guidance document.

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