5.4 Quality planning

There are two elements of planning to address:

5.4.1 Quality Objectives

Quality objectives are a clear requirement in their own right as opposed to being just a part of quality policy. They must be established in support of the policy and must focus on meeting product requirements and achieving continual improvement.

The translation of the quality policy into practice is made by defining the supporting quality objectives.

ISO 9001 does not specify how the quality objectives should be documented; they may be documented in business plans, management review output or annual budgets, etc.

Incorporate the quality objectives into the reporting process. When your quality objectives are defined they must reflect the quality policy, be coherent, and align with the overall corporate objectives and customer expectations. Clearly defined quality objectives should also be closely linked to your key performance indicators or other pre-existing indicators; otherwise they can become meaningless. They must be set by Top Management and be incorporated into reporting.