4.2.3 Document control

Your mandatory document control procedure must define:

  • How you approve documents (e.g. procedures, flow-charts, process maps, etc.) prior to use e.g. signed-off paper versions, or added to your computer network via a password protected system.
  • How you update and re-approve amended documents computer based systems are so much easier to maintain.
  • how you identify changes e.g. by date or issue number, identify changes with different fonts or colours.
  • How you ensure that documents are available where they are needed
  • How you control documents of external origin
  • How you prevent the inadvertent use obsolete documents obsolete-but-still-in-use is the single most common non-compliance.

Document definition: In this sense, a "document" is an instruction of some sort e.g. any information where an unauthorised change could cause a problem.

Example documents: quality manual, procedures, project plans, national or international Standards (e.g. ISO 9001), industry specific codes-of-practice, customer specifications, drawings, software, examples of visual standards.

ISO 9001 tutorials

Black = ISO standards
Green = interpretation