Document Format

  • What format are the templates?

    All of the templates are supplied as MS Word, Excel or PDF formats, you can edit and modify to suit your company. Compatible with Google Docs, Open Office etc.

  • Do the templates use styles and headings?

    Yes, the templates use styles for text and headlines, allowing you to easily and quickly adjust the formatting.

  • Are the headings linked to the table of contents (TOC)?

    Yes, the table of contents (TOC) is auto formatted to align with headings 1,2, etc.

  • How should I assign document numbers and their sequence?

    We use the same numbering sequence as ISO 9001 in our quality manual templates. You are free to replace these with a system that works best for your staff and for the business - as long as the system is logical, documented and communicated, it should be more than adequate.